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Norie Ishia
Be a Diver with ME!

Learn how to dive with SALTY SNAPPER and explore the underwater world with your buddy.

Travel Beach PADI
Travel and Dive

Don't want to get your certification in Hong Kong? Let's do it somewhere else.  Write to me and let's plan~

Capture The Moment

Do you want to capture your diving experiences? I can take pictures / videos for you and your buddy. Contact me~

Never dived before? Curious about diving but not ready to get certified? You can still try!

Haven't been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher?

Open Water Diver

Want to get certified?! Let's get going ~

AdvanceD Open Water

Want to pursue new discoveries, abilities and experiences?

scuba Diving


Enriched Air Diver

Let's extend your bottom time and shorten your surface intervals! Get qualified!


Learn how to prevent and manage problems and become a better buddy!

Find out what interests you!

Many dive sites and plenty to see - where to go next :D

Speciality Courses

Hong Kong

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